Analyzing Difficult? Nah.

Analyzing Difficult? Nah.

My very first project in analyzing involved a blog. I defiantly found this task extremely difficult. This was the first blog I had truly read and then I was expected to analyze it! I had several drafts that I worked with but none of them seemed to fit the ‘analyze’. So I began a different draft and focused on one thing primary, instead of trying to capture the whole blog in one paper. This helped me narrow down what I was talking about and I was able to make sense of the analysis. The blog I read and analyzed was titled Power Couple: 10 Traits Men Need To Handle Strong Women by James Sama. I analyzed the contrast the author chooses to exhibit in it. He has a very defined model woman and man in his blog. I took apart the 10 traits he claimed were the “it” traits and analyzed them.

The 10 traits he chooses to emphasis are as follows:

  • He has his own goals and dreams.
  • He brings his own security to the table.
  • He respects her privacy.
  • He won’t pacify her.
  • He will still be comfortable taking the reins.
  • He is not possessive or jealous.
  • He is a strong communicator.
  • He is never condescending.
  • His support is unwavering.
  • He has a great sense of humor.

The author chose to use words and sentences that contrasted each other drastically. I noticed this the very first time I read through the blog. After a lot of thought I decided that I was going to analyze the contrast he expresses. In my paper I discuss the differences he portrays between men and women. He pre-sets the model woman and man by describing them in a very rigid way. Not leaving much gray area, he writes the entire blog on a black to white basis. Immediately this set red flags in my mind. Readers like to have a window of interpretation and imagination! Not only was the blog defining a ‘perfect relationship’ but limiting what an ideal man and woman should look like.

Because the blog is a solid read and one that is very narrow, I had the perfect opportunity to pick out just what I wanted to analyze. Writing my analysis on the blog was fun and very enjoyable. It took awhile to narrow my thoughts down but finally I formulated them around how he contrasts men and women in relationships. From reading his blog and now writing a blog of my own, I have definitely picked up on a few blogging techniques.

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